CIPS Training Details

Lacollins consulting is a training and educational service provider of purchasing and supply management practice. We are at the forefront of providing qualitative CIPS training and are actively engaged in the development of purchasing profession. We also offer a range of purchasing and supply management training and development services to private and public sector organizations.

Our managed learning CIPS program positions participants to
acquire the prestigious MCIPS certification. Along the part to certification, you will have privilege access to on-line learning content and latest articles that will aid in further enhancement of your professional development.

Registration is on for 2018 CIPS training session.  
Here is your opportunity to pursue the most rewarding career till date with sustained increase in take home year- on –year and also to increase your commercial knowledge in terms of negotiation, contracting and other essential business skills level, raise your professional profile, demonstrate your credentials, increase your marketability and gain professional certification with the internationally recognized MCIPS certification through our managed learning program. 

Who should Apply?  
CIPS certification covers a host of professionalism, from entry level to expert. However experienced you are, this program offers value to all by offering a range of practical knowledge and thought-provoking ideas, together with extensive interaction with peers, mentors, other program participants and international experts.  

 Why choose us?   
• Hands on experience

• Flexible and customer focused approach

• Effective skill transfers and structured learning 

• Great value for money and return on investment

• Blended study to suit your business/ training needs

• Expert tutors with experience track records

• Personal development  

We offer a unique capability in delivering qualitative training that is tailored to meet participant’s needs, given our vast experience in the industry you are assured of value for your money.  

For further details kindly contact us.