CIPS Training

Chartered institute of purchase &supply is an international professional institute established to promote and develop high standards of professional skills,integrity and best practice among those that are involved in purchase and supply chain management.   
Prospective students aiming to obtain graduate diploma in purchasing and supply are required to study level 4,5 and 6 respectively.  

On successful completion of the programme, together with three years relevant work experience, students will be awarded full membership of the institute and use the designation MCIPS.  

The courses available are as follows; 

Level 4 –  Diploma In Purchasing& Supply 

The following units are compulsory: 

D1 Negotiation and contracting in procurement and supply

D2 business needs in procurement and supply 

D3 sourcing in Procurement and supply

D4 Managing contracts and relationship in procurement and supply 

D5 Contexts of procurement and supply 

Level 5 — Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

The following units are compulsory 

AD1   Management in the Procurement and supply

AD2    Management  risk in Supply Chains 

AD3 Improving competitiveness of Supply Chain   In addition, you are required to select two of the following optional units: 

AD4 category management in procurement and supply

AD5 Sustainability in supply chains

AD6 Operations Management in  Supply Chains  

Level 6- professional diploma in purchasing and supply. 

The following units are compulsory:

PD1 Leadership in Procurement and supply

PD2 Corporate and business Strategy

PD3 Strategic Supply Chain Management  In addition, you are required to select two of the following optional units:

PD4 Legal Aspects in Procurement and Supply (U.K)

PD5 Programme and Project Management

PD6 Strategic chain diligence