Competence Assessment

Identifying skills and competencies for capability development is central to what we do.

our competence assessment tools provides benchmark gap analysis as a basis for competency development at individual,team or functional level.  

it is designed to enhance the skills your team needs to deliver expected performance. our approach draws from our research backed experience and knowledge of industry best in class approaches to provide insight that ensure targeted training and development initiatives and enable monitoring of their effectiveness.

It  is easy to use and it  provide in-depth probing to analyse an appropriate training and development  initiative .

  • assesses and validate  current skills against role profile
  • captures the value adding potential of your team
  • identify basic needs of your procurement team
  • identify and level the mismatch between role requirement and existing skills at both individual and team level. 
  • Monitor and measure return on investment from training.

 Any organization embarking on procurement transformation will need skills to deliver it, therefore identifying procurement role, what skills and capacity are required to fulfill it and what the best option are for making the necessary change is absolutely important. The insight extracted from this assessment will be used in providing appropriate training and development that fits the exact needs of your procurement team to deliver improved  procurement performance. It is flexible and can be customized for each client.

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