Learning & Development

Professional Learning & Development

Lacollins  Professional Learning & Development Programs are training courses designed to address current relevant issues influencing the global procurement & supply management industry. Intensive and interactive courses and training slides equips your executive, general management and procurement teams with strategic and unique insights necessary to adapt and meet the demands of the rapidly changing supply management landscape. Our program delivery approaches are unique and leverages on the wealth of experience and expertise of our team members.

Our professional development programs focus on key topics such as enterprise risk management & compliance, Negotiation & collaborations, corporate governance, relationship management, ethic & social responsibility, cost & price strategies and contract management. Each training program provides delegates with the opportunity to be exposed to new techniques, sound practices, and industry standards. More importantly, each participant is guaranteed access to top industry practitioners and great benefits from extensive networking with peers from around the country.

The main priority of our training program is to advance sound industry practices through the excellence of our research, our team members, and the strength of our relationships with policymakers and regulators. We are committed to serving training needs of organizations in both private and public sector and to advancing your long-term strategic procurement objectives and interests. This commitment is reflected in our strong team and unique approach with which we impact knowledge and increasing interest in our services, particularly our Masterclass workshops

To learn more on how our training program can improve your organization’s supply chain capabilities and performance contact us.